When considering new window coverings for your home, think about the many advantages of motorized shades and blinds. The demand for motorized blinds in Calgary is on the rise so if you want to stay up-to-date and have a modern-looking home then this is the way to go but first…

What Types of Motorized Blinds and Shades Are There?

1. Smartphone Application or Home Hub Operated – These types allow you to use voice activation to control your blinds and shades. You can even program the time of day you want your blinds or shades to open and close. Simply adjust the setting through an easy-to-use app or touch your screen.

2. Remote Control Operated – A single remote is your source for operating your blinds and shades.

Advantages of Installing Motorized Blinds and Shades

1. Safety and Modern Look – When motorized window blinds in Calgary are installed, they instantly improve the aesthetic of your space by creating a more modern, decluttered look. No cords are hanging around tempting your pet to play with them and get accidentally tangled up or choosing to use the strings as a chew toy. When cords come loose or break there is a chance for the entire blind system to tumble down, crushing you or your child.

2. Added Resale Value – Are you thinking about the future sale of your home? Get the most money you can for your property by highlighting amazing features such as motorized blinds or shades. Smart homes are in high demand and smart technology increases the value of your home.

Sometimes curtains, regular blinds, and shades are not always perfectly fitted to the window. Gaps let unwanted creatures crawl into your space. With motorized blinds and shades, you can get a customized professional installation to ensure the perfect fit every time.

3. Integration Means Convenience – Motorized blinds and shades make it easy to have your house the way you want it. This type of smart technology seamlessly integrates with other smart home components. Say you want to wake up in the morning to a brightly lit room with a cool temperature. You can schedule your blinds to automatically open at the same time the temperature on the thermometer is set to go down.

4. Furniture Protection – If you want to keep your furniture looking brand new then motorized window coverings are a great choice. Open or close your blinds as often as necessary to keep out the sun’s harmful UV rays. With the touch of your remote or pre-programmed settings, you won’t have to worry about sun damage to your wood cabinets or upholstered furniture.

This will help keep your couches, chairs, tables, and hardwood floors from fading quickly due to the sunlight entering the room. The sun causes discoloration which leads to irreversible damage.

A picture of a room with curtain, a chair and some flowers on the table.

5. Energy Efficiency – Using your automated blinds or shades can save you money on your next energy bill. Think about closing your window coverings completely when the sun is at its full brightness in the spring and summer months and fully opening them up during fall and winter. This helps keep the heat in during the cold seasons so you can avoid turning the thermostat up all the way and keeps the sun out during the hot months, so you use less air conditioning. Feel and see the difference with motorized blinds in Calgary!

6. Improved Sleep – For some, any form of light is a bother when trying to fall asleep. If you are one of these people, then get the rest you need with the help of motorized blinds and shades. Whether you sleep during the day or want to keep the summer sun from waking you too early, your motorized blinds and shades are the best way to achieve darkness on demand. Be the most comfortable you have ever been without having to get out of bed to block out the light!

7. Security and Privacy – Keep out intruders and keep your business to yourself. Motorized blinds and shades protect your privacy. Avoid the peering eyes of your neighbours by remotely closing your window coverings whenever you choose. You can also control your blinds while you are away. The app on your phone allows you to open and close your window coverings several times during the day to give the illusion that someone is home which can deter thieves from breaking into your space. 

     Do you have a window in your washroom? Close the blinds with the touch of a button instead of getting off the toilet seat to do so. Keep others from peeping in or accidentally seeing you getting out of the shower.

Professional Installation

Save yourself time, effort, and money by having a professional come and install motorized blinds in Calgary. If you have specific questions regarding the setup in your home or just want further information, feel free to call us at The Showcase Group AV. We will provide you with all the details on motorized window coverings.

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