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Effective Protection For Your Business

Protect your building, inventory, equipment and team with highly effective security systems designed to reduce blindspots, capture footage and proactively deter potential break-ins and thefts. 

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Creating a well rounded security system that can protect your assets and investments takes precision, expertise and exceptional products. At Showcase, we’ve chosen our security suppliers carefully to ensure you get the best options available.

How We Support Industries

No matter what industry you are in, you need to protect your building, team, patrons, inventory and equipment. Highly trained and experienced professionals can ensure that you get the best planning and products so you can rest easy.


During business hours and after, you need an excellent camera & monitoring system that can capture and alert you to the many potential issues that can crop up in your store. Effective deterrents can often be the best option and we can help to execute those effectively as well.

Corporate Offices

Your office contains a lot of expensive equipment and important information that needs to be protected from potential theft. Having a great security system can also help to keep your team safe during working hours and ward off break-ins after hours.


Your team and patient information require protection. A great security system can help to limit who has access and to monitor those that do. Keep your building, staff and patients safe when you work with knowledgeable professionals.


You can keep your location safe from break-ins and theft with effective security and monitoring systems that work. For 24 hour fitness facilities, we can help you to plan safe overnight access to ensure your team and members are protected.


A well planned and executed security system can help to deter potential theft and damage both inside and outside of your building. Capture footage that can help to resolve issues and monitor your building during the day and night.

Home Builders

Adding a security system into your home build can be a great way to protect your assets and an desirable addition for your potential buyers. Security systems are always easier to install during a build so they can be purposefully planned and well executed.


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Leverage our expertise to troubleshoot common problems and concerns. From slow wifi to speakers not connecting, check out our self-serve options to correct these issues on your own.


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