Take control of the way your house functions with home automation in Calgary. A smart home allows you to customize everything from lighting and speakers to security and appliances. Yes, a home automation system can be set to brew your favourite cup of java when you get out of bed in the morning and ensure the lights are on so you don’t trip over the dog. Uncover some of the details on why home automation is such a worthwhile investment.

First, what exactly is home automation?


Home automation is a way to electronically manage features in your home through an internet connection. While home automation began in the late 1970s, today’s smart home technology has taken internet-controlled features to a whole new level. Electronically managing features in your home is more convenient and easier than ever. Home automation devices are interconnected to trigger one another and can be turned on and off remotely or pre-programmed for a set schedule.

5 Reasons Home Automation Will Provide You with a Return on Investment

1. Increased Property Value

Do you want to set your home apart from others? Home automation can allow you to see a return on investment thanks to its smart capabilities. People love having the convenience of controlling things like thermostats, sprinkler systems, and lighting from any room in their house or a remote location. The more technologically advanced your home is, the better your chances of increasing your house value in the real estate market. Smart home automation in Calgary could mean a smart sale!

2. Beautiful Space

A smart home is often a beautiful home because of in-wall speaker designs, automatic lighting, and Bluetooth capabilities. This creates a cordless, clean space and provides a way to illuminate areas that appear dark when the sun goes down. Cold winter nights will be warm and cozy with automated temperature controls throughout every room.

3. Increased Safety and Security

Help increase your family’s security with home automation in Calgary. Security systems can be accessed remotely to control the interior and exterior cameras, motion sensors, and lighting.  You can monitor your home through an app on your phone. A live video feed lets you know nothing unusual is occurring. Setting up security alert notifications tells you when there is motion at your entrance or inside your home so you can choose to sound the alarm from afar. Intruders will be less likely to invade your home when you set off the automatic lighting causing them to believe someone is home even if this is far from the truth. 

A smart home system also helps alert you to smoke and carbon monoxide through detectors that set off an alarm when an issue is sensed. Home automation systems also have the capabilities to unlock doors and turn on lights when fumes are detected to help you get out of the house faster.

4. Convenience

Maybe you forgot to turn the heat down but are already at work. It is going to be a squelching hot day and the last thing you want is to arrive home to a sauna. A home automation system is a quick fix. Just choose the optimum temperature setting from the smart application on your phone and you can make sure the air conditioning is keeping things cool.

5. Energy Saving

You can save money by turning the heating and cooling system off completely while you are at work. This will lower your energy levels and reflect on your monthly utility bills. 

Home automation allows you to further save energy by creating a schedule for temperature, lights, and water. Set a timer so everything automatically shuts off when you leave in the mornings and comes back on when you get home. Some systems even go so far as to sense when you are in a room or not and adjust accordingly. 

Common Uses for Smart Home Automation

Steps to Take When Investing in Smart Home Automation

Step 1 – Pick a main ecosystem to use. Some of the common ones are Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

Step 2 – Ensure the smart home products you want work with the ecosystem of your choice.

Step 3 – Get professional advice on your smart home setup.

Step 4 – Call a professional home automation company to set up your system.


Get comfortable, enjoy the convenience, and relax knowing your home is a safe and secure space. Live the smart way with home automation in Calgary by calling our professional installers at The Showcase Group AV. We help you during every step of this smart journey.

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