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Why Work With Us?

Ongoing support is the most important aspect of a commercial A/V and security system. We offer a comprehensive service contract that will give you access to our team on an ongoing and planned basis. We are also available for timely service calls and emergency tech support. 

A strong service partner is a must to get the most out of your system!

Industries We Frequently Work With


The average retail store has various A/V, connectivity and security needs. Showcase has worked with many retail locations to secure their premise and create systems to protect their investments. We can troubleshoot any connectivity concerns, build a system that is reliable and keeps your data safe and install audio and visual units to create the perfect esthetic for your store.

Corporate Offices

Whether it’s keeping your team connected or ensuring your A/V works when you need it for important meetings, the team at Showcase has many years of experience working with corporate offices to secure their data, keep their systems functioning well and planning A/V so it integrates seamlessly with your technology needs.


Create beautiful video displays and background audio ambiance in your waiting rooms that patients actually pay attention to. Communicate important information, secure private patient data and ensure your team can all access the necessary details to do their job efficiently with a well planned, installed and supported system from Showcase A/V.


Your clients rely on you to provide them with excellent services, a great atmosphere and an enjoyable experience. Great audio and visual systems are a big part of enhancing their experience in your gym, studio or spa. Your clients also need to stay connected and many will want to use your wifi to access music, podcasts and more which means you need a reliable network and great support services when something goes wrong. Our experience working with businesses like yours means you get exceptional support, service and the right products!


A great restaurant or bar provides the right ambiance for the type of clientele they are looking to attract. Whether you need an amazing sound system for background music, you host live events or you need an amazing network of well placed TVs for your patrons to watch the big game, Showcase can help! We are not just experienced installers and service techs. We also have the experience to plan your A/V and network systems so you get the best results possible.

Home Builders

Home buyers want their custom home to come with audio, visual, Smart and security systems already built into their home for esthetics and ease. Our experience working with home builders to design these systems to fit well into the home and be easily accessed in the buyer's daily life means you get to wow your customers and provide more value than they expected.

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Here To Help Any Way We Can

Leverage our expertise to troubleshoot common problems and concerns. From slow wifi to speakers not connecting, check out our self-serve options to correct these issues on your own.


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