A Calgary home theatre experience should feel like you are at the cinema with quality pictures and sound resonating all around you. Are you unsure what to look for to accomplish this kind of experience? This blog will be your guide.

Components – What makes up a home theatre experience?

1. TV or Projector and Screen

Choosing the right screen for your space boils down to the size of the room. You want a TV to comfortably fit in the area you allocated for your home theatre. The optimal viewing angle is between 15 – 20 degrees upwards or downwards. It is also a good idea to avoid screens that are highly reflective as the glare can hinder your viewing enjoyment.

The projector, if using one, should be the proper distance from the screen. This will vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Usually, the operating manual will recommend the distance or you can look up a projection calculator online.

2. Speakers

If you opt for large speakers, you will need an ample supply of power to experience their full potential. The most immersive sound comes from Dolby Atmos speakers which projects the audio all around you. Dolby speakers are commonly used in theatres around the world. 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound are the most popular options, and provide great sound quality. What does this mean? The number refers to how many speakers are required to achieve the best sound. When choosing 5.1 you need five speakers and a subwoofer, and a 7.1 sound system needs seven speakers and a subwoofer. A subwoofer is necessary for low frequencies in your sound system.

3. Remote Control

A universal remote can be programmed to operate all your connected devices. Control the sound system, video equipment, and cable boxes all from one location.

4. Receiver

Keep in mind that the more speakers you have, the more channels you will need on your receiver. Your receiver is one of the most important pieces of equipment for your home theatre installation. A high-quality receiver is the centre for sending and receiving audio and video.

5. Seating

Get comfortable watching movies and television on your choice of stadium chairs, recliners, or a loveseat. Choose a style that you want to sit in for a long period. Binge-watching your favourite series or cuddling up to view the latest rom-com is enjoyable with specially designed furniture for home theatres.

When deciding on where to place the seating, choose a spot where everyone watching can comfortably view the screen. Creating a platform with a minimum of a six-inch boost ensures each person watching with you will have a clear view of the screen even if there is décor or another person in front of them.

Further Details

Every detail counts. Getting a home theatre in Calgary is about more than just the equipment, it is about the Calgary home theatre installation. There are many hidden aspects to creating an amazing home theatre experience.

Professional Home Theatre Help

As you have read, when getting a home theatre in Calgary there is a lot to consider. You can avoid mishaps by getting a professional audio visual company to install your equipment for you. Enjoy your home theatre experience like you always imagined. If you have any questions about equipment or installation, just give us a call at The Showcase Group AV.

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